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Ford Focus ST - Things to Know

How To Change Brake Light Bulb On Ford Focus ST 2013
2 hours ago

Good day, petrolheads! Today, we are journeying into the mechanical depths of a Ford Focus mk3. Yes, we are showing you the ropes on how to triumphantly remove and replace the rear turn signal light b...

Why is Ford Focus ST Shaking at Highway Speeds & How to Fix It?
4 months ago

Whenever the Ford Focus ST starts shaking at highway speeds, it can be a frustrating and unnerving experience for any driver. It can happen suddenly and without warning, causing the vehicle to vibrate...

How to Diagnose & Fix Bad Ford Focus ST Coil Pack
4 months ago

Over time, Ford Focus ST ignition coils begin to suffer from wear and tear or become damaged, resulting in a range of issues that could affect the performance of your engine.  When an Focus ST igni...